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Why Choose DGS Inc.

DGS Inc. was established in 2006 to deliver systems and processes designed to meet the unique needs of the Federal Government. DGS Inc. has rapidly grown from a one-woman operation to a full-service government contractor with staff across the country serving the needs of DOD Military Health Clinics and commercial clinics by providing high quality healthcare to patients. In addition to Military Health Clinics, DGS Inc. also supports the Federal Government with library and information management services, administrative services, human resources, and healthcare staffing. DGS Inc. is committed to providing exceptional professional services to the government and commercial sectors.

The DGS Inc. Advantage

Unparalleled Responsiveness: DGS Inc. offers its clients the benefits of a small company, and in doing so, provides the highest level of responsiveness to the facility and to our professionals.

Strategic Recruitment: DGS Inc. has a proactive nationwide reach that has proven successful in recruiting highly qualified professionals.

Flexibility: As a small business with a sound infrastructure, DGS Inc. has the ability to handle tasks of any size with a high level of flexibility that is only available from a small business.

In recognizing the evolving needs of the Federal Government, DGS Inc. has been focused on the development of an operational staff that is experienced in working on a variety of contracts that provide healthcare staffing, administrative services, human resources, and library and information management services. Since its inception, DGS Inc. has been focused on operational excellence in every activity that affects our clients.

In addition, our small business roots allow for our immediate availability to our customers to resolve any issues or concerns that may arise. Because of our exemplary reputation, flexibility, and ability to recruit the most sought-after professionals, DGS Inc. has developed an extensive network of professionals with years of experience in healthcare and government services.

To complement our corporate headquarters in Virginia, DGS Inc.has established regional opportunities and contacts throughout the country, with a large focus on the DC Metropolitan area. This distribution of resources to areas with high concentrations of need is our strategy for remaining in close contact with clients. These local opportunities are supported by the operational staff at our Headquarters, thus providing payroll, HR, and contract management support to ensure client satisfaction.

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